I saw this on Yahoo today and had to comment.  This Greek goddess (as in “babe-alicious”) was banned from Olympic competition for a tweet that went something like this:  with all the Africans, at least the West Nile mosquito will have homemade meals.

Really?  That’s racist?  How exactly?  Where is the Nile located?  Isn’t it in Africa?  So if the mosquitoes in question are of the same location as Africans, and mosquitoes dine on blood of people (among other species), wouldn’t an African qualify as home cookin’ to the mosquitoes from Africa?  And what of the white Africans?  Aren’t they being slighted by the assumption that an African automatically must be a black person?  Can we please cut this racist crap from our collective mentality, PLEASE!  

The fact is that there are far too many who insist on racism’s existence, that demand it continue and that there must be racists to feed their sad and desperate quest for significance.  It’s getting to the point where actual racists are more tolerable than the race-baiters of the world.  And THAT is sad. 

For all that is wrong with true racism (and that is that there is nothing right about it), the race-baiters are far worse.  Racists are at least sincere in their misguided belief of their superiority (or the other guy’s inferiority).  But the baiters are self-promoting frauds who don’t care if their targets are actual racists or not in their attempt to inflate their value to society.  Stay tuned as race-baiting lefties are likely to comment.