My informal poll includes only about a dozen confirmed respondents, a couple of which suggested they, in kind, polled others.  I can’t count them as there are no numbers by which I can measure.  But thus far, no woman asked has expressed a negative response as regards being referred to as “a babe”.  There was one who, despite my attempt to be specific, answered as if the question referred to being called “Babe”, as one might use “Sweetheart”, “Honey” or some other familiarity.  Another seemed to take it the same way, but had no problem personally.  Unfortunate.  But I will endeavor to poll more women as to get a better idea of how this horrible, horrible gaffe of mine is actually received.

I recall my oldest recounting how she overheard a student refer to her as “the hot teacher”.  I don’t recall her taking offense.  The idea is absurd.  I submit that unless a woman is some lefty man-hating feminist wackjob, I won’t come across one who would seriously object to being regarded as “a babe”, which, as anyone who is not some lefty man-hating feminist wackjob would tell you, is no different than being regarded as “attractive”. 

What woman, indeed what human being, would bristle at such a suggestion?  Geoffrey seeks whatever he can to have me regarded in a bad light, and hoped this would be another way.  I still haven’t heard from him as to whether his own womenfolk would find the description degrading.  I’m certain that any woman who would so claim is being incredibly dishonest, or sadly worse, deflecting the implication that they have not, to their knowledge, been so regarded.

The poll continues.  I’ll update here.