The title of this post comes from a Facebook post by someone I know. This person linked to an article like this one, regarding Romney’s position regarding eliminating taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. The recent Democratic Party Convention spent an inordinate amount of time ranting about a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn child. They had speakers, like the idiotic Sandra Fluke, to whine about the evil Republican desire to deny them contraceptives and abortions. It seems the left is heavily invested in defending one’s right to abdicate responsibility and damn it, the government must pay whatever it costs to do so. All that matters is that we can have sex any time with whomever we want and to hell with the consequences, all of which are to be shared equally by all, including those who act in a mature and responsible manner despite their own innate desires. So anyway, while I’m trying to decide how best to answer this question (as well as finding the time to do so whilst working over ten hours per day), the Weekly Standard was kind enough to run a four page article in their Sept 10 issue entitled, “Can This Be What Women Want?” It turns out that, according to polls, women aren’t all that concerned about using tax money for Planned Parenthood or demanding coverage of contraceptives. No. They’re more interested in the protection of their right to choose which job offer to accept, except that there are few jobs from which to choose. Damned if the ladies aren’t concerned about the economy and jobs. It seems abortion “rights” isn’t high on their list of important concerns. Who’d a-thunk it? Well, no one who buys in to the Democratic narrative that suggests a Republican war on women and uses Romney’s position against tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood as an example. It seems, then, that the answer to the question is “Women would vote for Romney because they want jobs, a better economy, financial security to allow them to take care of themselves and their families.” Or perhaps we should ask, “What kind of woman would vote for Romney?” It would be one for whom tax money for abortions and contraceptives is a decidedly impractical, if not immature, issue on which to choose a candidate. Even if we were to buy into the notion that birth control pills are the best way to deal with non-birth-control-related health issues suffered by some women, they’re still only about nine bucks at WallMart. Before I go any further, I think it is important to point out very clearly that what is being discussed here is not outlawing abortion or contraception, but merely denying funding of these things with taxpayer monies. The Sandra Flukes of the world, AKA, the typical woman would wouldn’t vote for Romney because of his stance against federal funding of Planned Parenthood, demand that the rest of us join in and facilitate their immoral behavior with our tax dollars. Pregnancy is 100% preventable without contraception and thus, abortion does not require funding assistance from those of us who understand and recognize the incredible immorality of snuffing innocent life. And there exists no women’s health issue for which ONLY birth control pills are the solution. Therefor, there is no legitimate reason to demand that the taxpayer, the insurance companies or private corporations or companies must provide for these things. (As to the health issues where birth control pills are prescribed, how can the tax payer be certain sexual activity won’t still take place during the period such treatment is ongoing? Birth control pills do not prevent all pregnancies, but will cause miscarriages. In other words, chemical abortions.) I wonder also about the person who asked the question originally. What must the person think of women in general to suppose that this issue is one that must be a major consideration for them in choosing a candidate? So here’s another question: Why would any person believe that women must be turned off by Romney’s unwillingness to use tax money to fund Planned Parenthood? I like my women to be a little deeper than that.