With the passing of Walter Cronkite, it didn’t really phase me that even conservative pundits would cover his life and times and do so wistfully speaking of their personal relationships and observations of this man considered America’s first anchorman. There’s no denying the guy’s impact on television news reporting and many claim that they had no idea what his political leanings were until after he retired, though some say his leanings began to show a few years before he was somewhat talked out of his job in favor of the chuckleheaded Dan Rather. He is, in some ways, the end of an era that has really long since passed, that being the era of objective reporting of the news without the injection of the reporter’s personal agenda.

But tonight on Bill O’Reilly’s show, Billy O said something that pushed me to provide this link when I had not planned on doing so. O’Reilly said that he was telling the truth about Viet Nam, or sentiments to that effect. The link presents what I’ve heard from a variety of sources for years. Cronkite was a major factor in turning sentiment in America towards the radical anti-war drivel that helped seal our fate in that war.

As the link relates, the Tet Offensive was a resounding victory for American/S.VietNam forces with the commies suffering casualties ten times what we did. That’s a victory in anyone’s book, but Uncle Walter chose to focus only on OUR losses. You’d think that for a veteran war reporter, he would understand that allied losses occur in every war. That a war is decided by which side suffers more losses. We were winning. We should have and could have won. This turning of American sentiment (and if anyone thinks Uncle Walter didn’t have that kind of impact on viewers, they likely weren’t born until after he left the airwaves) was noticed with wonder by leaders of North Viet Nam and helped them strengthen their resolve. As our people began to protest after this great victory, they figured our hearts weren’t into it and their tactics changed and their spirits rose. They knew they just had to keep on keeping on and the whining from our leftists in the streets was their indicator that they were winning and not us.

Thanks a lot, Walter. May God forgive you.